Vol 5 No. 2 2018

Gendered Analysis of the Governance in the Rice and Sisal Value Chains in the Lake Zone, Tanzania.                                                                                          Download Full PDF

Jeckoniah, J. N.

The Assessment of the Effects of Menstrual Cycle on Teenage girls’ Education in Meru District Council.                                                                                       Download Full PDF

Lukumay, D. and Mmari, S.

Theoretical Determinants of Food Insecurity in Chamwino District, Tanzania.                                                                                                                                   Download Full PDF

Assenga, E. A. and Kayunze, K. A.

Contribution of Groundnut Oil to Household Income of Small Scale Processors in Urambo District.                                                                                             Download Full PDF

William, J. G.

Integrated Urban Agriculture: Constraints Facing Livestock Keepers in Kinondoni; Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania.                                                                        Download Full PDF

Victor, K., Massawe, F. A and Sikira, A.

Political – Administrative Relations in Local Government Authorities in Tanzania: A case of Tanga City Council.                                                                          Download Full PDF

Njunwa, K. M.

Ecological Factors for Copper Mining Development at Mbushi Wildlife Management Area Meatu, Tanzania.                                                                              Download Full PDF

Babune, G. J.

Community Participation in Water Resource Projects Management in Iringa District Council, Tanzania.                                                                                       Download Full PDF

Chumbula, J. J. and Massawe, F. A.