Vol 5 No.1 2018

Health Literacy and Associated Factors under One Health Approach in Selected Wards in Eastern Tanzania: A Multiple Regression Analysis.                        Download Full PDF

Muhanga, M. I. and Malungo, J. R.

Land Use Conflicts among Farmers and Agro-Pastoralists in Mvomero District, Tanzania: A Gendered Perspective.                                                                    Download Full PDF

Loserian, M and Jeckoniah, J. N

Problems Facing Students with Physical Disabilities in Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania.                                                                                                   Download Full PDF

Kabuta, L. G and Sanga, B

The Effects of Mentoring Programme Practices on the Retention of Novice Primary School Teachers in Bahi District, Tanzania.                                                Download Full PDF

Kimaro, A. R and Rubeba, A. N

Impact of Cassava Brown Streak Disease on Household Income and Demand for Virus Free Cassava Planting Materials among Farmers in Tanzania.         Download Full PDF

Kuboja, N. M., Mtunda, K. J., Nkuba, J. M., Mwenisongole, A. and Ndanga, J. P.

Assessment on the implementation of Public Complaints Desk towards Improvement of Public Service Delivery among Local Government Authorities in Tanzania.

Lubuva, E.E, Ngoyo, L.D and Sulley, B.A

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Download Full PDF

Are the Environmental Pollution Effects Promising to an end?: Practices of Quarrying Activities in Tanzania, Case of Moivaro Ward, Arusha City.                   Download Full PD

Francis, H. S., Mwamlangala, M. C. and Kishe, R. A.