Research and Consultances

Research and Consultancies Department


Research and Consultancies Department (RCD) is the Institute’s focal point in providing an enabling institutional framework for research, consultancy and community engagement initiatives that foster quality research and consultancy and the overall training programs

As part of its mission, the Institute has been undertaking researches in areas related to Community development. The main areas of concern have been community participation and empowerment, resource mobilization and utilization, community development approaches/models, patriotism/national unity, roles of different stakeholders in development process, social inclusion and growth process, politics and poverty alleviation, poverty disparities, transformation of the rural economy, national development policy framework and crosscutting issues.

The main challenge in undertaking research activities has been inadequate internal and external funding


  • Create conducive enabling environment for community based development through research and consultancy.

  • Coordinate research and consultancy activities and services

  • Promote and support staff development in the field of

  • Research and consultancies through skills development,

  • Exposure forums and publications

  • Contribute to research information through documentation and dissemination in the fields of community development

  • Promote and develop networking with other organizations and individuals

  • Upgrade the approaches and skills of development worker

Research Areas

The Institute has the research and consultancy policy and intellectual property rights that addresses issues related to capacity building, research funding, management of research, research infrastructure, data management and dissemination, institutional collaboration, postgraduate and undergraduate students’ research.

The Institute has also has a research agenda i.e. to conduct researches that have community comparative advantage. Thus the areas of research that lie in this agenda are

  • Community participation and empowerment
  • Resource mobilization and utilization
  • Community development approaches/models
  • Patriotism/national unity
  • Roles of different stakeholders in development process
  • Social inclusion and growth process
  • Policies and poverty alleviation
  • Poverty disparities
  • Transformation of the rural economy
  • National development policy framework and
  • Cross-cutting issues

Strategic Context

The department is guided by the following policies and guidelines;

  • Institute Establishment Order
  • Institute Strategic Plan
  • Institute Journal guidelines
  • Institute Research Guidelines
  • Research and Consultancy Policy
  • Research Agenda
  • Community Engagement Guideline


Head of Department

Janeth I. Zemba


Deputy HoD


Staff Profiles

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Short Courses Unit   :   Headed By ………..

Documentation and Publication Unit   :   Headed By ………..

Women’s Research and Documentation Centre   :   Headed By ……..

Consultancies and Community Service Areas

The Institute has been undertaking consultancy services to different clients as part of academic and social responsibility to the society. For the past two years the Institute has undertaken a variety of consultancies including Project and programme Evaluations, Designing and delivering community based short courses, project planning, gender and other related development areas.

The Institute has been spearheading consultancy services to different clientele as part of academic and social responsibility to the society. The consultancy areas are based on but not limited to;

  • Project write ups and designs
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Strategic planning
  • Market surveys
  • Leadership and Management,
  • Participatory needs assessments,
  • Participatory Program/Project Evaluations,
  • Microfinance and Entrepreneurship and gender related studies/training.

In terms of community services the Institute engages in a number of activities; training, establishment of credit associations, proposal writing, charity works to mention but a few.

Areas of Short Courses

The Institute has a short course catalogue which can be accessed through our website. The catalogue contains diverse of courses based on specific tailor-made programs according to clientele needs: The courses that are offered include but not limited to;

  • Capacity building of local government leaders in good governance and participatory leadership
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Training of trainers
  • Adult Learning Methods
  • Result based reporting
  • Result Based Management
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)
  • Participatory Community Planning
  • Participatory Methodologies
  • Communication Skills for Development workers
  • Program design and Advocacy, Human Rights