Library Facilities

Library Services

The TICD library was established in 1963. The earlier operations of the Institute (1960s) were focused on offering orientation programmes to extension officers to equip them with skills necessary for catalyzing communities’ actions. Simultaneously, the Institute offered further formal trainings for the Certificate in community development award and in the early 1980’s advanced diploma programmes were introduced. The primary function of an academic library is to support teaching and research activities by making information available to facilitate the Institute’s mission.

The vision of the library is to become the center of excellence in information provision for both academic and practical work in community development, and the mission is to facilitate the process of training, research and consultancy services by providing scholarly information resources to its users with emphasis on community development

Since its establishment, the TICD has expanded in both academic programs and students’ enrolment. In view of these changes, the library also has expanded its services and reading materials both printed and electronic materials.

The library also subscribes to full text electronic journals covering some 45 databases through (PERI/INASP)

Books and other library materials are catalogued using the KOHA library information system. All library materials are automated in KOHA Database.

The Organization Structure of the library is divided into four main Sections namely ICT, Technical, Special Collection and Readers Services. These are subdivided into sub section Acquisition, Cataloguing and Classification.

The library offers different services such as reference services, Current Awareness services (CAS) and Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Information Literacy Training, Newspapers cuttings, charging and discharging and user training.     Library users have access to internet services through the library LAN and Wireless services

Open Days and hours

The library is open to readers on Monday to Saturday. The library opens from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on Monday to Friday. On Saturday it opens from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm is not open on Public holidays.

Free electronic resources

Click the below links to access free electronic resources

Project Gutenberg

  1. Offers over 39,000 free eBooks compatible with several devices. Download them or read them online. The original and still probably the best. But hey, this site was started by the guy who invented e-books, so…go figure.


  1. Offers over 29,000 free eBooks compatible with several devices. The sife offers a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Looks like they’ve redesigned their website. It is much cleaner.  Lots of formats for download available.


  1. The largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. The site offers several eBooks available for downlaod.

Planet eBook

  1. Offers free classic literature eBooks available for download.


  1. Features a collection of free books from indie authors and publishers; this site does contain mature content.


  1. Offers a variety of free eBooks.


  1. They’re a little ad heavy, but good for poetry, Lives of the Saints, Shakespeare, etc.

E-Books Directory

  1. Lots of free e-books and they often have a “book of the month.”

Google Books

  1. Some are free, some are pay, a little more saavy searching is needed with Google.


  1. This site pulls material from some other free book sites (like Smashwords). This site does contain mature content.

Open Library

  1. People can read books and add books to this website.


  1. This has scientific books and papers available for free