Gender and Development

Gender And Development Department


The demand for higher levels of education, especially higher diploma, postgraduate studies and bachelor’s degree has increased drastically in recent years due to the up-scaling numbers of form six and diploma graduates from secondary schools and different technical institutions in the country. The rising demand for gender experts in other sectors has also inspired the Institute to establish the Bachelor’s degree programme in Gender and Community Development.

Based on the recent stakeholders’ workshop and the labour market survey the Institute was compelled to review the existing degree programme in order to meet the current labour market demand. 
Higher Diploma and bachelor’s degree levels are currently considered by many stakeholders as minimum qualification for entry into the labour market. The Institute focuses on meeting employers’ demands by producing qualified and competent prospective employees.


  1. To ensure that gender and development programs are conducted in relation to the institutes’ mission and vision while upholding the expectations of participants.
  2. To collaborate with other departments in ensuring that programs are in line with the national and International standards.
  3. To contribute in research, documentation and dissemination of best practices in gender and development.
  4. To participate in national and International forums related to gender and development for information sharing and learning