Bachelor Degree in Project Planning and Management

Bachelor of Participatory Project Planning and Management (BPPM)

The overall aim of the training programme at this level is to enhance awareness of the participatory project planning and management approaches and processes

Programme objectives

At the end of this programme, learners will be able to:

  • Enhance community capacity in financing and managing projects and programmes
  • Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation for enhancing project effectiveness and sustainability
  • Enhance capacity to improve community wellbeing
  • Enhance community capacity in exploring economic options

Programme duration

The bachelor of PPM programme is designed to take six semesters (three academic years) each semester consisted of 16 weeks.
In their second year of the study, students are subjected to a 16 weeks fieldwork practical training and later individual research task on specific aspects related to community development at the end of which are required to submit a dissertation report for partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Community Development.

Admission requirements

The minimum entry requirements are based on the standards set by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) as follows

  • Form Six (ACSEE) leavers with at least two Principal passes in relevant subjects with total points of 4.0 obtained from scoring A = 5, B+ = 4, B= 3, C= 2, D = 1 and E = 0.5 for students graduated on 2014 and 2015. For those graduated before 2014 and after 2015 form six leavers with two principal passes in arts or science subjects i.e 4.0 points obtained from scoring A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E = 1 and S = 0.5
  • Holders of an ordinary diploma in community development or relevant field should have at least second class or Average B for Non Classified Diploma.