Publication lists

Publication Lists


Community Perception towards Equity in Community Based Forest Management (CBFM): A Case of Duru-Haitemba Forest Reserve

Institutional Determinants on Food Security at Household Level in Tanzania: A Case of Singida Region

Dropoutsamong Hadzabe Girls in Primary and Secondary Schools in Karatu District, Tanzania

The Conduct of Traders: The Case of Rice Marketing in Morogoro Tanzania

Micro and Small rice-enterprises in enhancing Household’s Livelihood in Kilombero District, Tanzania

Entitlement to Food and Food Insecurity in Mkalama District, Tanzania

Assessment of the Impacts of Cultural Change on Employee and Organizational Performance, A case of Tanzania Breweries Limited

The Contribution of Village Community Banks to Income Poverty Reduction in Rufiji Delta

Official Food Export Permits on Tanzania’s Food Export Sub-Sector to East and Southern Africa Development Community Countries

Adoption of Soil Conservation Technologies and Crop Productivity in West Usambara Highlands, Tanzania


Anatory B. Bunduki


H.A.Kingu and Utonga Dickson


Emmanuel Emilian Chingonikaya, Upendo kazael Mrisha and Regina Malima

Venance Mutayoba, Parit Ole Saruni and Mhango, S.S

Eric Eponda, Ponsian Sewando and Janeth Zemba

Kingu H.A.M and Kawonga S.E

Muhoho, Jackson M.E and Jocelyne D. Lucas


Debora M. Ngalemwa and Justin K. Urassa

Venance Mutayoba, Parit Ole Saruni and Christopher Awinia


Emanuel E. Chingonikaya and Emmanuel P. Mzingula





Factors influencing equity under Community Based Forest Management at Duru-Haitemba Forest Reserve, Babati District


Factors Influencing Empowering of Farmers under Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowering Project (PADEP) in Mvomero, Singida Rural and Iramba Districts


Linkages Between Institutional and Food Security Factors in Iramba District, Tanzania.


Microfinance Services and Women Economic Empowerment in Arusha District Council


“Boda-Boda” Accidents Mitigation in Arusha City, Tanzania


Socio-Cultural Determinants of Family Planning Practice in Mafia District, Tanzania


Cost of ICT Training Materials and ICT Implementation in Higher Learning Institution in Arusha Region


Community Participation in the Implementation of Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAFII) Sub-projects in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania


Conflicts over Water Resource Use and Management: Implications to Small Scale Farmers in Meru District, Arusha Region


Legal Literacy among the University Staff: A Case of Labour Legislation at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania


Land Deals in Tanzania: Processes, Opportunities and Challenges for Development in Kisarawe District, Tanzania.



Anatory B. Bunduki



Ndiwaita G. N, Kilobe B. M, and Katega I.B



Kingu H.A


Loth Msafiri and John N. Jeckoniah


Verhan Bakari, Rehema Magesa and Osward Ponsianus


Joyce Assey and John N. Jeckoniah


Mgendu N. Mathew, Justus A. Twinomujuni and Jocelyne D.Lucas


Angela Jesse & Amon Zacharia Mattee



Fredrick Alleni Mfinanga



Muhanga, M.I. Mtendavema, M.D



Samwel J. Kabote





Community Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice towars the Use of Family Planning Services in Mafia District, Tanzania


God’s wrath teachings and their Influence on HIV/AIDS stigma: Arumeru experience


A Social Technical Assessment of E-government Use in the Public Service Delivery: A Case of Selected Ministries in Tanzania


Gendered Participation in Afforestation in Njombe District, Tanzania


Local Community Challenges and Measures to Climate Change Impacts in the Semi-Arid Areas of Dodoma Region, Tanzania


Factors Affecting Digitization of Higher Learning Institutions Libraries in Tanzania


Determinants of Smallholders’ Commercialization of Maize Production and Food Security: A Case Study of Rukwa Region


Outcomes of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Improving Livelihoods in the arid Lands of Chololo Village, Dodoma-Tanzania


The Advocacy Approach and its limitation on the Children’s Right Protection in Arusha City, Tanzania


Women’s Access to Microfinance Services in Arusha District Council: Implication for Livelihood Improvement



Joyce Assey and John N. Jeckoniah



Raymond, Y


Beatrice Mkunde


Chingonikaya, E.E and Mgeni, S.Y



Mayaya, H. Opata, G.P and Kipkorir, E.C


Mgendu N. Mathew


Urassa J.K, Sikira A. And Kazuzuru B



Venance E. Kalumanga



Lukumay, D. L and Mtei, R. A



Loth Msafiri and John N. Jeckoniah